Being trans has become such a part of my identity and existence, that I couldn’t imagine not talking about it. Whether it coming up in small talk, or talking about what our community needs in reference to rights and better allies.

Transgender is defined as “noting or relating toa person whose genderidentitydoes not correspond tothat person’sbiological sex assignedat birth”” 

Being trans can be a roller coaster experience. Between battling hate, dealing with self validation, and educating others; there is a lot of turns and hills to go through. Trans is a community just as much as it is an identity. It is used as an umbrella term for the entire community of people whose gender differs from their assigned sex at birth.

Here you will find all things on being trans; from personal experiences to resources to educational things for allies. 

You will find articles about truths of chest binding, my own experiences coming to terms with being trans and figuring out who I am, and my attempt to teach the public. This will be a weekly series, so be sure to check back for new posts every week if you like what you find here!

Mental illness is something almost no one sees. You don’t see the person suffering from depression when they walk the street with a fake smile. You don’t notice the person with anxiety, unless you see their panic attack. In general, we don’t notice those struggling with an invisible illness such as mental illnesses.

Yet we are here, and we are struggling. 

I included in those who are struggling. But I don’t want to be silent about it. So many of us struggle silently, we fight alone, and no one notices. Recovery is so important to me, and I know I can’t do it alone. And I won’t.

Here I will share my personal experience with mental illness, poems on the topic, and probably talk about other invisible illnesses because I do suffer from others as well. As well as any tips I think may help with other’s recovery as well.

I hope that you will find this series of sorts to be a place where you don’t feel so alone and maybe relate to some posts. Love and solidarity to you all!

This is for all you out there who want to hide your all too obvious breasts. I have been there. Whether you are a trans man, or a
gender neutral, or agender person and you just don’t want them to show because it’s too much of a reminder of what others see you as. Or maybe the mirror hates you as much as it hates me. Maybe it’s an inner struggle you just don’t want to battle all day everyday. This is for you.

While binding is a highly personal experience, and it’s about what results you want, the style you like, and in general all about you, I think it is super important to share about my binding experience as well as for others to do the same. The more experiences are shared, the more resources people who are considering starting binding will have to learn with.

Here you will find me sharing my raw experiences in a public way so that I can put a few more opinions about binding into the world so that others can decide if binding is right for them.

Binding has changed my life, I suddenly feel more confident than ever before. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

Some things need to be said, but they don’t always have a place to. They aren’t really about being trans or about mental health, but it’s not not important.

This is my place to get things off my chest that I want to share with the world but don’t always feel like they fit.

I will share random life updates as well as opinions on random subjects.

In all truth, this will be my diary to share random blurbs of things that I feel like screaming into a void. Only the void isn’t really much of a void. It’s the internet and someone may actually hear.