Dear Reader…


Before you explore the words I have ripped out my heart and put here in such a public form, I implore you to read this and get to know me so you can better understand where these words come from.

12814754_452723654923158_7409103115130495911_nMy name is Courtney. I am a 19 year old nonbinary blogger with a passion for putting intimate, raw feelings on the internet for the rest of the world to read. Because that is so obviously what a person with PTSD and depression should do; let names on a computer screen pick them apart and tear them to shreds.

But honestly, it truly helps me to cope with the pressures of this world, the standards pushed upon trans and queer people.

As a southern born and raised queer writer, I am busy breaking gender rules and bending sexuality. Because why should I confirm to a world that doesn’t truly accept my existence yet?

A “feminist” at heart, I work daily on sharing about my queer life, struggles with mental health, and talking about other feminist topics, such as sex education and rape culture. I openly put my life into the public eye so that maybe I can help someone else cope, remind others they aren’t alone, and teach a thing or two about our struggles. It’s something that I have grown very fond of doing, and I love putting myself out there like that despite the pressure and anxiety of negative comments and/or people attacking me, because I have made amazing relationships with people from doing so.

This is my safe haven. A place where I can write about the intimate details of my life, including talking about my 13 suicide attempts, my struggle with my body, and other things that seem to be taboo to talk about but affect so many of us.

And I want this to be a safe haven for all of us living a queer life, loving someone who is queer, or for those of us who are just curious and want to learn.

If you have made it this far and you are planning to continue on, please understand that everything I write is based on my perception as a transgender, queer, mental health warrior.

You will not get the opinions of a teenage girl, that is not who I am.

I do have an open submission area where others can submit to Living Queer and share their opinions. Their posts will be based on their perceptions and who they are. But a good majority of the articles here will be from me.

These are the opinions, stories, and pleas for change of a nonbinary transgender person who wants to be treated like everyone despite their status as a transgender mental health patient.

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With Love And Hope, 

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